Clear cookies in Firefox 2019 method

How to clear cookies in Firefox 2019?

Firefox is the second biggest web browser after Google Chrome. The rish of losing private information in Firefox is expanding with the expansion in its fame. Along these lines, to be protected, you should erase cache and cookies from the browser in the ordinary interval of time. If you are searching for the refreshed strategy to clear Cookies in Firefox, congratulations, you are at the correct spot. In this article, we have given you the refreshed procedure pursued by the significant pictures to clear Cookies from Firefox.


  • Firstly, open Mozilla Firefox Browser from any gadget according to your choice.
  • Then click on the settings menu. The menu choice is the three horizontal line at the top rightmost corner of the page just underneath the close(cross) symbol.
  • You will see a drop down list. The drop down list will be distinctive by the version of Firefox you use.
  • Then from among the menus in the drop down list click on the option symbol.
  • When you click on “option”, another window will show up towards the left half of which you will see various Headings. From among the headings, click on “Privacy and Settings”.
  • In the Privacy and security page click on the “remove individual cookies” that you will discover under the heading “History”.
  • As you click on the “remove individual cookies” a sub window will show up. If you need to delete individual cookie, at that point select the cookie you need to erase after that click on “Remove Selected” option at the base left corner of the sub-window.
  • If you need to clear whole cookies from your Firefox program, at that point click on “Remove all” choice. The “Remove all” option lies at the base of the sub-window.

Since all of the cookies are cleared from your Firefox, you would now be able to feel the distinction in the perusing speed, results appeared by the web indexes, Ads you see, suggestions of videos on YouTube, and so forth. Lastly, you are safe from the opportunity of losing your own data to spammers.

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