Hospital management system project

Hospital Management System is a framework for dealing with the hospital functions and events. It has different modules such as including new doctors, managing parents and managing arrangements. It is a web based powerful system containing client and admin panel. The project helps to satisfy different prerequisites in managing doctor’s facilities. The system is free to download and the source code depends on core PHP. Advanced codes used in this system makes it easier to understand. It is designed to manage all the areas of a hospital. Such as medical, financial, administrative and the corresponding processing of services.

Objectives of hospital management system:

  • Design a system for better patient consideration.
  • Reduce hospital operating costs.
  • Provide MIS report on request to the management for better decision making.
  • Provide top management a single point of control.

Modules and its features:

  • Managing doctors:  Client can add new lists of doctors through that board. User can modify or delete the data. Deleted record is displayed in tabular format which can further be undeleted.
  • Managing patients: Manage patient records and all the features such as modify, delete and undelete should be possible on the records.
  • Appointments: Doctor id and patient id is used to manage the appointment.

Installation steps:

  1. Install the XAMPP.
  2. Copy the hospital folder in  the C:\\xampp/htdocs

Installing the database:

  1. Run the XAMPP application.
  2. Open your browser.
  3. Type the URL “localhost/phpmyadmin”.
  4. Create DB with the name hospital.
  5. Click the created DB and import the sql(hospital.sql).

Accessing the system:

  1. Run the XAMPP application (make sure that the apache and MySQL are running).
  2. Open your browser.
  3. Type the URL “localhost/hospital”.
  4. ENJOY!

It is a completely functional framework for managing the execution of hospital operations. So, try is out and download it free from the site.

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