Hostel management system Php Project

Hostel management system Php Project with free source code:-

Get A Free php project Hostel Management System

Objective of the Project:

As the name indicates, “Hostel management system” is a product created for overseeing different exercises in the hostel. There is a quick increment of number of institutions in past few years. The number of hostels are also increasing for the settlement of the students studying in any institution. Thus, there is a great deal of strain on the individual who are running the hostel and programming’s are not generally utilized in this circumstance. This system helps to keep track of all the required information in an efficient manner.

It is a open source free php project by downloading the source file you can edit it in your own ways. We have provide this php project for student to learn and practice about php. Project manages the issues on dealing with a lodging. It also maintains a strategic distance from the issues which happen when conveyed physically. Identifying the disadvantages of the current framework helps in planning of mechanized framework. It will be perfect to the current framework with the framework that is easier to use and more GUI oriented. We can enhance the effectiveness of the framework, accordingly defeat the downsides of the current framework. This free php project might help you to fulfil the manages the student profile in a good way. We wish you will enjoy with our php project and might help to manages the system of a hostel.

Some of the good features of a Php Project are listed below:-

  • Less human mistake
  • Decrement in strength and strain of difficult task
  • High security
  • Data redundancy can be dodged to some degree
  • Data consistency
  • Easy to deal with
  • Easy information refreshing and record keeping
  • Effective creation of backup information.
  • Easy to add new features
  • Open source software
Get Free Php Hostel Management System
Get A Free php project System

Software requirements for system:

Language used in php:

  1. Front end(user interface): HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript.
  2.  Server language: PHP 5.5
  3. Back end: MySQL

Installation steps for system:

  1. Download zip file and Unzip file on your local server.
  2. Put this file inside “c:/xamp/htdocs/” .
Get A Free php project Hostel Management System
Get A Free php project System

Database configuration for php:

  1. Open phpmyadmin
  2. Create Database named “hostel”.
  3. Import database “hostel.sql”.
  4. Open Your browser put inside URL:
  5. To Login as admin put inside URL:”http://localhost/Hostel-management-system-Mysqli/admin

Admin login details for php:

Login Id: sanjeev
Password: sanjeev

Hope you will enjoy well with our Hostel Management System Php Free Project.

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Any confusion about downloading or installing the php project then you can leave the comment we will try to response as must fast as possible.

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