How to Get a Free Domain Name

How to Get a Free Domain Name.

Want to learn how to get FREE DOMAIN ??

Today here i will be sharing about my experience. I will be teaching you how we can get a free Domain Name.

As we know to buy a domain it cost some $. There are many domain name registration office like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. There company provide us domain name like ,, etc. You can buy through any of the domain name registration office if you wish to buy a domain.

There are mainly two types of domain name which will cost some amount of $ to buy a domain and there are some type of domain which you can get it at free of cost.

The Domain like .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .eu, etc. will cost some amount of $. You can check their price at the Domain Name Registration Office at,, and many more DNS provider Offices you can find it on Google.

The Domain like .tk, .ml, .cf, .gq you will get it on free. You dont need to pay any amount to get such Domain.

Here I will show you the step How to get the Free Domain:-

Step 1:- You need to go to the DNS Provider Site, To go on it just click the below link:-

Get A Free Domain Name with the help of Technology Spot

Step 2:- Type the name of the desired Domain Name you want to take in the “Find a new FREE domain” Boxes which you can see it on the above screenshot and click on Check Availability box. Here for example i am going to type “technologyspot”.

Step to get a free domain name

Step 3:- Here in the above screenshot we can see the different option which domain can we buy at free of cost. And if you scroll down there you can also get the detail which domain cost how much price. Click on the Get it now! button to your desired Domain you want to buy.

Step 4:- After it Click on Checkout which you can see the button above the domain name. Refer to the above screenshot.

Choose a free domain name

Such Dialogue Box will be appear after you click on Checkout.

Step 5:- Select the Period of “12 Months @ FREE”.

Select the time period of free domain name

Step 6:- Click on Use DNS. And then Click on “Use your own DNS”.

Fill the server name for to get the free domain name

Step 6:- Type the nameserver of the Hosting. In which web hosting service you want to develop the site. I will be taking the service of namecheap so i type:- “” and “”.

Conform for the free domain name with help of technology spot

Then Click on the Continue Button.

Step 7:- Such Dialogue Box will be appear which is shown below:-

Finally you are Elegible to get a free domain name with help of technology spot

If you have already Created the Freenom account then Click on “Click here to login”.

If you dont have Freenom account then type your email address in the box shown above and Click on Continue.

After you type the email address you will receive an mail.

Congratulation mail after getting free domain name


Click on the link. And there you will get a form fill out the complete Detail in the form. And Click on Complete Order then you will Successfully get the Free domain registered.

Goto your hosting and you can start to host your Website.

Thank you!

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