Online Notice Board Project

Online notice board project:

An online notice board is where individuals can leave any kinds of messages and notices, for instance, to declare occasions. Notice board may be set on advanced gadgets such PCs, tabs, cell phones and so on. This notice board task is useful for all kind of clients like existing clients and new clients. So administrator can leave and delete warning for other individuals to peruse and see.

This board work sfor the most part means to go about as a supportive network for the all clients. By the assistance of free online notice board clients can get to the warnings and articles rapidly not just in the specific premises, additionally any place and at whatever point they have to know. The board usability is completely prepared to do passing pertinent notification and declarations, and keeping the clients update occasionally. The understudies are kept refreshed each time with the notice board for school that is uploaded based on their inclinations concerning the offices and classes through a notice board on the web.

Objective of the project:

The principle aim of this project is to make data dispersal a lot simpler in a paperless network. We know that the world will associate with the online notice board office as a venture. Online notice board administrator can send the notice to the specific understudies. Such as charge installments, results, any new movement occur in school grounds or school fest support, libraries duty, lodging room installments, any workshop enrollments, admonitions and updates and so forth. For this work, online notice board undertaking makes all work a lot simpler and reasonable to all.

Brief overview of the project:

Front end : HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap
Middle end : PHP
Back end : MySQLi.

Installation Guidance

Download Online Notice Board Project
Unzip and rename(if u need to rename it)
Reorder Unzipped document inside www or htdocs(www if utilizing WAMP server, use htdocs if utilizing XAMPP Server)
Make another/clear database named “notice_board”
Select recently made database and import “notice_board.sql” record from db folder
Open your browser and type in URL “localhost/Online_notice_board”.



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