Online PHP Discussion Forum

What is forum?

In the seasons of romans it implied an open place at the focal point of market or town where open talks on legal, political, and different issues were held. It is the place under which individuals can begin their talks or posts. Logically, discussions are composed into a lot of conventional points driven and refreshed by a gathering known as members, and represented by a gathering known as moderators.

Rules to use a forum:

  • Fill the enlistment frame and give some data so as to wind up an individual from that forum.
  • On the first page, you should see list brimming with areas, generally called “forum“.
  • Inside one of these “forums”, you should see a rundown of gathering themes are examined before, each with a string name and some of the time with a depiction and its “icon”.

Features of the forum:

Basically, there are three panels made for this forum, which are as follows:

  • Client who is right now not login. (restricted access)
  • Client who as of now login. (have control to its own record)
  • Administrator panel (High access to all of the clients information and have control to all of the remarks)

Software requirement:

Installation steps:

  1. Download zip file and Unzip file on your local server.
  2. Put this file inside “c:/xamp/htdocs/” .

Database Configuration:

  1. Open phpmyadmin
  2. Create Database named “forum”
  3. Import database “db_name.sql”.
  4. Open Your browser put inside URL:
  5. To Login as admin put inside URL:”http://localhost/file_name/admin”.

Admin login details:

Login Id: admin
Password: admin


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