Online Tours and Travels Project in PHP

Online Tours and Travels management system in PHP:

Online Tour Travel Php Free Project

The online tours travels project is an online project created using PHP and MySQL. The reason of this project is to give the complete idea about the accessible vehicle for a visit. There are two different types of clients. First, the client visits the site and enters the place from where to where s/he wishes to go through. S/he also provides the date as when s/he might want to travel. Then s/he sends the details to the travel and tourism agency. The employee of travel and tourism agency receives the mail. Then s/he checks which vehicle is accessible for that day. And finally returns back to the client along with the quotation. If the client agrees for any of the quotation, s/he can replies back along with agreed quotation to the agency.

Objective of the tours and travels project:

As everything can be done online, there is less chance of mistakes and more efficient. As a result, online tours travels project makes the whole booking process much more easier.

  • Faster processing time and most precise information for travel requests and reimbursements
  • Capacity for clients to follow approval and repayments through the system itself rather than via phone calls or mails
  • Major innovative moves up to the current travel framework
  • Use of IU’s standardized, virtual J2EE environments
  • Many new highlights and upgrades.
Online Tour Travel Php Free Project
Online Tour Travel Php Free Project

Software requirements for tours and travels project:

Installation steps for tours and travels project:

  1. Download zip files and Unzip files.
  2. Put this file inside “c:/xamp/htdocs/” .

Database configuration for tours and travels project:

  1. Open phpmyadmin
  2. Create Database named “travel”
  3. Import database “travel.sql”.

Run/execute the project:

  1. Open Your browser put inside URL:
  2. To Login as admin put inside URL:”http://localhost/Travel/admin”.
Online Tour Travel Php Free Project
Online Tours and Travels Project in PHP

Admin login details:

Login Id: admin
Password: admin

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